This is the name for the device that has hundreds of micro needles on the tip and is applied to the skin according to certain procedure. This device is single use. The application should be make in a sterile environment. Gloves should be used, and the face should be cleaned with alcohol before application.

What are the advantages of Dermarolls?

This application has different advantages. If you want to get rid of your skin spots, a skin spot serum or special product is used. These products are applied under the skin as dermarolls opens pores on the skin. Additionally, they strengthen connective tissues on skin. We are recommending this application for wrinkles, shaping, and more vivid skin.

Who can’t have Dermarolls?

This could be applied to everyone. If you have sensitive skin, it is possible to have softer application without harming the skin.

What will happen to skin after Green Peeling?

After application, skin shouldn’t contact water for one day and appropriate moisturiser should be used. The positive results are visible after one day.

What are the advantages of Dermarolls? Who can’t have Dermarolls?