What Is Green Peeling? What does it do?

As the name suggests, Green Peeling is a natural herbal Peeling. It doesn’t harm the skin and has no risk. Green Peeling is herbal mixtures that peels the skin.

When should you apply Green Peeling?

Skin spot treatments start in autumn and continues during winter. These aren’t applied on summer because it increases the skin spots.

What Should the Green Peeling Frequency Be?

Depending on skin type, 15-day interval sessions are recommended.

What skin happen to skin after Green Peeling?

The person shouldn’t wash her/his face for 3 days. In this process, sun protection (SPF) should be applied in the morning and at night and moisturiser should be used. After 3 days, the skin will have scales but this will not affect the social life. Peeling will continue for a week.

What are the advantages of green peeling?

It activates the collagen in the skin and tightens the skin, so it is good for skin sagging. It is effective on fine lines, opens the wrinkles, regulates the skin tone and opens the stains. It gives radiance, vitality and spark to the skin.

Who can’t have Green Peeling?

Those who use cortisone, those with allergies, those who are very sensitive to the skin, and who are pregnancy are not suitable for this application.

What Is Green Peeling? What does Green Peeling do?