Silk eyelashes have a duration of one to one and a half months according to use. I know that you are asking why can’t I use for 3 months. Your natural eyelashes also elongated. For that reason, if silk lashes are applied to the roots of your natural lashes, they will come front and separated from natural lashes.  Therefore, this is this time limit.

How Long Does It Take to Apply Silk Lashes?

Globally, the silk eyelashes are applied in one hour. Since I have experience in these areas and applied these lashes to thousands of people, I can finish silk eyelash application in 30 - 40 minutes. I believe 2-2.5 hours application are work of beginners. They may have successful results, but all jobs have certain time frame. I believe staying stable for a long time will be uncomfortable for customers.

Does Silk Lashes Harm Natural Lashes?

If silk eyelashes are removed correctly and natural lashes are recovered accordingly (one-month brake in each 4-6 months), and if high-quality products are used, there will be no harm.

How Long Does Silk Lashes Last?