Electrotherapy is a proven treatment method that has been applied for a long time both in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation of sports injuries and aesthetic applications. 'Micro Plus' device that we used in our centre also works based on the principle of contraction of the muscle groups working by stimulation with micro and galvanic currents. The application stimulates muscles, resulting in increased muscle tone and the use of peripheral fat tissues to meet the increased energy need.

Micro Plus device also supports the lymphatic flow to improve the lymphatic circulation, normalize the problems of lymphatic fluid flow, and increase the microcirculation. Increased micro circulation increases skin tone with recirculation and increased oxygenation.

It is a painless procedure, stimulating the cells and muscles to tighten the skin and body. During the application, electrical currents of different wavelengths are given to stimulate the muscles and to create isometric contractions in the muscles to restore the body itself. These contractions cause the body to need energy, and it helps to break down energy-intramuscular fat that needs to be removed from the body. In certain parts of the body, that is; hip, base, abdomen, arm, food, waist localized fat tissue is reduced by increasing the circulation system and  helps to eliminate cellulite Again, swelling and hardness after face and abdominal stretching operations  is a wonderful application in the end.

Micro Plus is literally the sport for lazy people. While you work your muscles without moving, your body will show signs of tightening. This way you can have the fit look you want without going to gym.

What is Micro Plus Device What Does It Do