Microblading is the latest system for eyebrow applications. The name comes from the application procedure. Microblading is different than other eyebrow applications. This method gives hair strand effect by special drawing and results in natural eyebrow look.  After the application, the patient will have natural, and real eyebrow look and it is impossible to notice this application.

What should you be careful about microblading?

This application requires experience and technical knowledge. If it is applied bluntly, the eyebrow will have an unnatural look.

The experience of the expert should be investigated. Otherwise, I am working on correcting the incorrect application or erasing the poorly applied eyebrows. It is not a problem to correct these applications. However, non-aesthetic black eyebrows cause people to have prejudice for permanent make up applications. We are working hard to tell the truth about the applications. Therefore, you need to make a detailed investigation and take references.

You should observe if the environment is hygienic.

You should be careful if the products are single-use.

You should be careful if the expert is asking you what you want.

And you should be careful about receiving enough knowledge about the procedure.

What is Microblading? What should you be careful about microblading?