What Should Be Considered for Eyelash Lifting?

It is not right to use oily eye make-up remover after eyelash lifting, it reduces the usage time… You should avoid water contact for 24 hours. You can use mascara.

How Permanent Is Eyelash Lifting?

You can use for 2.5 - 3 months.

Does Eyelash Lifting Harm Natural Eyelashes?

As there is no harm and keratin care are done, natural lashes have a healthier appearance. When it is repeated every 3 months, tests show that lashes are longer and thicker lashes are formed.

Who Can Have Eyelash Lifting?

It is known that anyone other than who has a special eye problem and uses medication and who has problems with eyelashes (such as sty) can have this procedure. No matter the type of the eyelashes (thin, thick, short, straight), anyone can have this application. 

Does Eyelash Lifting Harm Natural Eyelashes?